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Alera's goal is to develop powerful solutions so their customers' businesses can grow. For example, internal software, client-facing systems, modernizing and integrating legacy applications or websites - Alera develops solutions designed specifically for their customer's goals. The team of experts analyze the customer's business inside and out, and they recommend the technology that fits the needs.
Alera helps businesses implement their technology strategies by understanding the unique requirements of each business and working with them to create solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, efficient and fit their specific needs. The company focuses on helping businesses align IT strategy to business or process strategies; providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning. This ensures companies have the capacity they need to generate maximum revenue while offering exactly what customers need. Architecture Planning includes the planning, designing, circulation and overall structure of architecture in an environment. It is a process that brings all aspects together in order to provide what the client needs whether it be looks or an efficient and streamlined flow of processes to improve things such as security or restore previous data if lost as well as saving money on costs. Operational Benchmarking includes tools and methods for assessing performance in terms of quality including stability, security and availability, efficiency, capacity and risk management and control in relation to business objectives, strategic plans and actual performance. Implementation planning is a service that can help customers decide how they want to go about deploying new solutions whether large-scale computing projects or smaller ones aimed at meeting day-to-day IT requirements.
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