QAF CRM – No Code CRM Organize your business without writing a line of code.

QAF CRM enables organizations to change the way they engage with their customers and grow their customer base. QAF CRM is at the top of its game when it comes to software designed nowadays to help businesses make even more money while also providing some of the best customer care services that are offered.

Pick one of the following editions and customize

CRM Insight Dashboard

  •   Task Due: User can see all action-able items as he logs in
  •   Leads this month: Status-wise view of the Leads user working on
  •   Closed Lead: Shows closed leads with month navigator
  •   Closed Opportunity: Shows closed opportunities with month navigator

Easy to Manage and Nurture Your Leads

  •   Manage Leads more efficiently in Kanban drag and drop view
  •   Track, view and analyse key information about Leads
  •   Search Leads based on stages, sources, revenue, status etc.
  •   Create and manage Meetings, Follow ups, Meetings and Tasks of Leads

Manage Your Opportunities

  •   Manage Opportunities in pipeline.
  •   Create your own custom pipelines
  •   Filter out opportunities based on stages, sources, industry etc.
  •   Manage Opportunities more efficiently in Kanban drag and drop view

Grow Your Sales

  •  Product Catalogue
    • Maintain list of product and services in a product catalogue
    • Product catalogue used in building Quotations, Sales Orders
  •   Quotations
    • Maintain all Quotations in a single repository
    • Manage Tasks, Documents and Activities of each Quotation Separately
  •   Sales Order
  •   Invoice
  •   Process Automation

Customer’s 360 Degree View

  •  Track details and activities of a customer
  •  Leads, Opportunities, Helpdesk Tickets, Meetings and Flow ups
  •   Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices and Contacts
  •   Manage Customers converted through Leads and Opportunities
  •   Search customers with various attributes
  •   Customer Directory