Vtiger CRM offers a unified view to boost your marketing, sales, and customer service

Your team is losing deals and customers, not because they are not trying. The fault lies in the tools you are giving them. Vtiger, built on open-core, empowers your marketing, sales, and customer service teams to build lasting relationships with your clients, by providing a unified view.

Key features:

  • One view
  • AI-guided selling
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Built on Open-core
  • Low-code & No-code platform

Pick one of the following editions and customize

Fragmented customer data leads to lost deals and churning customers.

It is not your team, it is the disconnected tools they use.

Vtiger brings all your teams on the same page at every step in the customer journey.


Build your pipeline

Manage marketing activities across all channels to attract ideal customers. With One View you get marketing and sales aligned on a common view of the customer. Maximize ROI on your lead generation campaigns. Leverage powerful social and email marketing capabilities to engage prospects.

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Sales CRM

Sell faster

Deliver an outstanding sales experience for your potential customers with advanced lead routing, segmentation, and integrations with tools your sales teams already use. Build playbooks and track progress along the entire timeline with advanced automation and artificial intelligence driven insights

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Help Desk

Delight customers

Deliver exceptional support by engaging with your customers across multiple channels. With One View, support teams get a complete view of all transactions the customer has had with the organization. Empower your support team to drive customer delight and close tickets faster.

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Work from where you are

Manage your work on the go with our mobile applications for both Android and iOS

Navigate to meetings

View meeting details and get navigation details from within the app.

Take voice notes

Record calls and take notes for review and action at a later time.

Scan business cards

Save time by quickly scanning business cards to capture information directly.